Chemical Recycling Europe position on the upcoming Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive proposal


Chemical Recycling Europe (CRE), the association representing the chemical industry at EU level, welcomes the upcoming revision of the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD). CRE member companies support mandatory recycled content targets for packaging which will incentivize circularity in the plastics supply chain and lower climate impacts for the packaging industry to become more sustainable.

However, a holistic policy framework is needed to enable the chemical recycling industry to grow and to provide the necessary legislative clarity and certainty. We believe that chemical recycling plays an important part in achieving circularity for plastics and complements mechanical recycling. Chemical recycling targets difficult to recycle plastic waste feedstocks to produce high quality outputs used for closed-loop recycling, food contact applications and other value-added materials.

Read the full position paper with the pdf attached below

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