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About us

Chemical Recycling Europe aims to promote the implementation of innovative
chemical recycling technologies, boosting the circular economy for plastics.

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Our mission

Chemical Recycling Europe (CRE)  is an association representing the chemical recycling industry. We aim to promote and support the implementation of innovative chemical recycling technologies, boosting the circular  economy for plastics.

To help our members achieve this goal, CRE was established in 2019. We aim to promote and support the implementation of innovative solutions offered by the chemical recycling of plastic waste. We also promote the benefits it can provide to our environment, economy and society. society. We represent the interest of the European chemical recycling industry to the public and European institutions. Chemical recycling technologies play a decisive role in supporting the transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy in Europe. 


CRE's vision


Provide sustainable solutions to overcome the current challenges of recycling processes.


Protect nature by transforming plastic waste into a valuable resources.


Endlessly recycle plastic waste by transforming it back into its components or other products.


Save CO2 emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of our industry.

Reduce landfilling by offering sustainable
end-of-life options for all plastic waste.

Our solutions

The members of Chemical Recycling Europe offer innovative and unique technologies to transform previously unrecyclable plastic waste into new raw materials. Chemical recycling makes it possible to close the loop and provides numerous solutions to the plastic waste crisis. 

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Chemical recycling allows the transformation of all types of plastic waste back into its original chemical components. Chemical recycling can help to close the loop and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by creating new, secondary raw materials which are the same quality as virgin feedstock.

Chemical recycling can help to combat climate change by limiting further emission. Switching from fossil fuel derived from virgin polymers to recycled polymers from waste plastics saves both energy and emissions.

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This innovative technology can recycle all kinds of plastic waste, including those currently unsuitable for mechanical recycling. This gives new value to a wider range of plastic waste , reducing its landfilling or incineration. Ultimately CRE would like to see all plastic waste recycled and reused; benefiting from its full potential, without wasting valuable resources.

By reducing the use of fossil fuels as feedstock, decreasing emissions, and cutting waste to landfill, chemical recycling helps to increase the sustainability of our society and safeguard our planet. By giving value to all plastic waste, it can also play an importing role in the fight against littering.

Our members

We are committed to coordinating and representing the interests of the chemical recycling community in Europe.